Broken Rules – Hot Cross Buns After Easter

Im the first to admit that I play it pretty safe. I figure that most rules are there to make life easier and keep me safe. I don’t like to cross the road against the lights, I don’t break the speed limit, I always put I before E except after C. However, I am also the first to admit that there are certain rules that are absolutely made to be broken. I like to wear odd socks, I frequently miss deadlines and I eat Hot Cross Buns whenever I damn well like. Not just at Easter. Want to know why?

The answer lies beneath this enormous thesaurus.

Oozing Chocolate Hot Cross Bun French Toast

I got the idea from Kitchen Wench when I was browsing around Easter time for some different ideas for Hot Cross Buns. However, with the craziness that inevitably comes with Easter and the end of school holidays, I didn’t get around to testing this one out until after Easter was over. But boy was it worth it. Worth it enough to justify the baking of Choc Chip Hot Cross Buns well after Easter has ended. I guess if I don’t bake them with a cross, they don’t necessarily count as hot cross buns?

And the recipe is so ridiculously easy! Slice your buns lengthways three times. Scatter some choc chips between the slices, squish under something heavy (e.g. the weight of the entire English Language) and dip into your french toast mixture.

Fry it so that it is crispy and caramelised on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside

Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with double cream. Why would you bother with anything less than double?

mmmmmm…. gooey….

And the best part is, if you make a whole batch of choc chip buns, you can make this for breakfast every day for a week. What could be better than that?

You can find the recipe here.

So, my lovelies, what rules do you like to break?

By Katie

What can I say? I love sweets, in all shapes and sizes! You only live once, so why not indulge once in a while? Or, in my case, most of the time...


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