Cocktail Hour: Apple Pie Punch

So kids, are you enjoying the unseasonably warm and lovely weather that we have been having in Sydney right in the dead of winter? This week has been gorgeous with warm sunshine and clear blue skies. Apparently it has been the warmest July on record!

A True Love of Mine: Puppy!

This little guy certainly thinks so!

Just kidding! This was just a snap of Angus and I chilling out last Summer.

But can you blame me? July has been bringing Summer back.

So, what better way to celebrate than with a delicious cocktail. Or, if you’re having a gathering, why not make a jug and keep it chilling in the fridge? Less work and more deliciousness. I promise!

A True Love of Mine: Apple Pie Punch

And I get to bust out my  friend Captain Morgan.

He knows how to get a party started.

This drink is like a delicious apple pie with a few bubbles and a splash of cinnamon. Super easy, it can be left to infuse a few hours before your guests arrive. All you need to start with is a giant bottle of apple cider, cinnamon sticks and some cloudy apple juice. Cloudy apple juice will give you a better flavour than clear and reconstituted.

A True Love of Mine: Apple Pie PunchPop a couple of cinnamon sticks in your jug then fill it half full of apple juice

you can add a little cider at this point as well, then leave to chill in the fridge for a few hours

A True Love of Mine: Apple Pie Punch

Then we can add a few more friends to the mix

Namely a splash of spiced rum and apple schnapps (and some white rum if you want to get really relaxed!)

top up with cider and SHAZAM!

Apple Cider Punch

A True Love of Mine: Apple Pie Punch

Cocktail Desserts have to be the best thing ever

A great thing about making cocktails in jugs is that you really can just tweak the recipe to suit your taste. And you will mostly have enough of your ingredients left over to make a second batch! Hooray! What are you all doing to enjoy this blessed sunshine?


Apple Pie Punch Recipe


1 large bottle of cloudy apple juice (a 2L carton will give you enough for a couple of batches)

1L apple cider

1/2 cup spiced rum

1/2 cup white rum

1/2 cup apple schnapps

2 cinnamon sticks



1. Place your cinnamon sticks in your jug

2. Fill the jug halfway with apple juice, then add a cup or two of cider

3. Place jug in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours

4. Take jug out of the fridge and add both rums and apple schnapps

5. Fill jug to the top with apple cider, stir and put back into the fridge for half an hour to chill

6. Splishy splashy! Drink those babies up!

Bonus Step: Add another cinnamon stick to each glass that you pour for a little more spicy goodness

By Katie

What can I say? I love sweets, in all shapes and sizes! You only live once, so why not indulge once in a while? Or, in my case, most of the time...


  1. OM-Gosh I have been loving this weather. I say we remove winter and autumn – Summer all year round sounds like perfection. let’s make it happen shall we??

    Admittedly, not a cocktail girl as you know but I’m thinking a virgin version with sparkling water could work very nicely. although I doubt you’d let me do that.

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