Salted Caramel Popcorn Cruffin @ Brewtown Newtown

This is a public service announcement – anyone with who featured the words ‘diet’ or ‘health’ in their 2015 new years resolutions should close this window now. You have been warned.

A True Love of Mine: Salted Caramel Popcorn Cruffin from Brewtown Newtown

Told you so.

I love the way that sweets are like fashion. There are staples that we rely on year in and year out. Those desserts that you know are delicious and will never let you down. Your little black dresses and chocolate cakes. Then you have your pretty young things which aren’t quite as chic and timeless but seem to stay popular amongst those who are young at heart. A little like ballerina skirts and desserts in cocktail glasses. And then you have your trends. Split into two categories, the first are those that are definitely fun while they last but often don’t suit the general population and tend to elicit a ‘what was I thinking?’ grimace upon reflection.  Think hair mascara, bucket hats, most of the fashion of the 90s, neon and netting. Then there are some trends which, when done properly are possibly the best thing to have ever happened – ombre hair, high waisted shorts and the return of the peplum.

Remember the hit trends in sweets over the past decade? Ridiculously cute and well decorated cupcakes then light and much easier to eat macarons. These delicate desserts gave way to the oily but decadent frankensweet, the cronut (love child of the croissant and the donut. Where would this craziness end?

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