Southern Highlands Love: Artemis Wines Cellar Door


One of the things that I love about the Southern Highlands is the abundance of wineries that can be found nestled in the rolling hills around Mittagong and Berrima. I also love the bakeries, restaurants, antique shops, friendly people, beautiful countryside… maybe I just love everything. Anyway, hubs and I have been slowly working our way through the numerous cellar doors in the area over the last few years. When we stopped for lunch at Eschalot recently (super highly recommended by the way!) we were directed to try the pinot noir from Artemis, a local winery. We were both so taken with it that we immediately looked up the opening hours of the cellar door to see if we could make it after lunch. Unfortunately, our lingering lunch meant that we missed the closing hours and so, a return trip was necessary. As if we needed an excuse to come back!

Cupcake Gifting: Chocolate Sprinkle Cupcakes

A True Love of Mine: Gifting Chocolate Cupcakes

Aren’t edible gifts always the best? If you answered ‘no’ you’re a liar. Or perhaps I need to be more specific? So, i’ll ask you again

Aren’t edible CUPCAKE gifts the best?

Of course the answer is yes! Cupcakes make a fabulous gift if you’ve only got a couple of hours to rustle up a gift for an impromptu (or forgotten!) birthday or celebration. They’re also super budget friendly which is a big plus for me these days and did I mention that they’re delicious? All you have to do is pipe a pretty swirl and garnish with sprinkles of your choice and your friends and family will love you forever. Because, sprinkles.

Friday Favourites: Thrifty Furnishings

So my lovely readers, you know the part where I got married last year? That thing that is incredible but also super expensive? Then I moved out of Casa KB that I shared with my lovely friend B and into the new Casa Salerno with hubs. The moving part was also kinda expensive. And then we realised that other than a bed and a fully stocked kitchen… we really had no furniture. And our apartment has almost no built in storage. Oops… all that meant a diminishing bank balance and spending lots of…


So we were trying super hard to furnish our place to make it comfortable and cosy for as little as possible. I’ll share some other decorating decisions with you all later but today I want to show off our sweet pantry that hubs scored from Gumtree for $80!

A True Love of Mine: Thrifty Furnishing - Meat Safe Pantry