Lunch At Your Desk: Sneaky Leftovers and a Sweet and Salty Snack

And it’s time for another edition of Lunch at Your Desk! Hooray! This week i’m sharing a sneaky and super easy way to use leftover bolognese and sweetening the deal by throwing in a delicious snack to keep the munchies at bay. Enjoy, my lovelies!

Pretzels with Peanut Butter and Nutella

I have been thinking about this snack for so long it’s genuinely ridiculous. When I was amping up for my European Holiday I was starting to think seriously about all the delicious German food that I was going to eat right at the beginning when I was in Berlin. Naturally, pretzels were number one on the list. Well, actually strudel was but thats not really related to this post so we will just ignore that. I picked up a fairly substantial packet of pretzels from the supermarket for $1 then spent weeks and weeks trying to think of the perfect dip to pack it with. Ultimately the answer was super easy and staring me in the face. Who could resist the siren call of the salty sweetness that comes with peanut butter and nutella? And those salt encrusted pretzels!

One scoop Nutella + one scoop peanut butter + a handful of pretzels = salty sweet heaven in your mouth

Try it. Seriously.

Bolognaise and BreadAnd on to the main event!

This lunch is really all thanks to my super dooper mother in law who kindly stocked our fridge (amongst doing many many other things to make our apartment liveable again) with delicious home cooked food for us to eat when we were too jetlagged to go to the shops. One of those dishes was a tub of bolognese sauce beefed up with mushrooms. Im still adjusting to the whole cooking-for-two malarky so I always underestimate how much pasta to cook to feed hubs and I. The few scattered pasta shells you see above are the only ones left from dinner the night before. It seems super efficient but unfortunately there is almost always a fair amount of sauce left over.

In the morning fog of tired eyes and lethargic limbs, I definitely couldn’t sum up the energy (or the mental capacity) to boil some more pasta so I called on that other carb staple, the good old crusty bread loaf to help me out. A few slices slathered with salty butter was the perfect vehicle to get the bolognese from the container into my mouth. It was a godsend on that awful cold and rainy week that welcomed us back to Sydney. You know, that week when it snowed in places that it has definitely never snowed before?

So, what have you been having for lunch this week? And do you have any other sneaky tips for what to do with leftover pasta sauce?

Friday Favourites: Kinder Surprise Berlin Style!

So my lovelies, i’m back from Europe and to be honest, i’m feeling a bit blue. I love this country, but the weeks of endless sunshine and clear skies contrast pretty sharply with the icy temperatures and torrential rain that greeted me last week. I know that any Europeans reading this will think i’m pretty soft but I don’t think that Sydney people are built for winter. I thought that I would use the next few Friday Favourites to cure my post-holiday blues and to share with you some of the little things that I discovered while I was away and wish I had bought piles and piles of to bring back with me!


The first treasure I want to share with you is this damn cool Berlin version of Kinder Surprise

This Kinder was available everywhere in Berlin and, if/when it finally makes its way down to use in Australia, I will be the happiest little bunny that ever there was. Have a look at the insides and you will see why.


Of course the Germans would be super efficient and section their chocolate in a separate compartment to their toy. All you had to do was crack the plastic in half, peel the top off and you have your toy and your chocolate all neat and pretty.


And can we talk about this chocolate?

This is basically the best of all worlds. Still working with the white chocolate/milk chocolate equation, these Kinders remind me of the little nutella dippers I used to eat with my school lunches as a child. Except these are much better! It’s built as a layer of soft milk chocolate spread covered by a layer of white chocolate spread then topped with two wafery balls that look like tiny ferrero rochers. Except that they taste more like a Kinder Bueno in spherical form. What on earth could be bad about that combination? I honestly wish I had filled my suitcase with these little guys and brought as many as I could carry back home with me. Instead, I will have to dream about these until I can make it back to the other side of the world. Or… maybe they will make their way down under and make me the happiest girl around? Maybe??

So, lovely readers, what treats do you look forward to when you go travelling?

Lunch At Your Desk: Leftovers Salad

Hello lovelies! I’m back from Europe and have so much to show you! While I get my thoughts together I thought I would share with you something that i’ve been working on the past few months. I know that this is a bit of a new direction for my little blog but I hope that this healthier twist doesn’t put you off!

IMG_9706_2Just look at this little squishy one!
My little niece is sleeping the blissful slumber of someone who doesn’t have to worry about their own nutrition.

That was me not so long ago when I never really thought about my meals, particularly what I was going to have for lunch. Those were the days where I could get by on a jam donut and a twix for lunch. Then came the time where I knew I needed something a little more substantial but was pressed for time so I survived on burgers and fries. Every day. Until I realised that perhaps my frequent headaches and cranky moods might be assisted by all the crap that i’ve been eating. Also, all that takeaway was sending me broke! So, last term I resolved to think a bit more carefully about my lunches. I figured that the easiest way to ensure that I had something vaguely healthy was to try to make everything into some sort of salad.



I started by using whatever was left over from dinner the night before and then adding lettuce, a grain or protein, some more vegetables and a dressing. This particular salad was using some roasted vegetables and cous cous from a previous dinner then bulked up with some smoked trout, lettuce, radish, and topped with some roasted walnuts. I also made a little dressing with olive oil, salt and lemon juice to tie it all together.

After a term of eating these bad boys, I can honestly say that I have more energy and I feel much lighter. My bank balance is also looking a lot healthier! Ive been documenting my lunch ideas on instagram using my handle @bakerbowie and you can find them using the hashtag #lunchatyourdesk if you want to join in! I’m also going to blog my lunches weekly to try to stay on track. I would love if it you would join in with your lunch ideas! Send me a comment below, lovely readers!