Birthday Dinner: Chiswick Restaurant

A True Love of Mine: Chiswick Review

This year for hubs’ birthday, la nostra famiglia took us out to dinner at Chiswick in Woollahra. I know that this place has been around for ages so i’m sure you’ve all been already but this was a place that we had always driven past and said “oh how pretty, lets go there sometime!” and never really had. I scoped out the menu online to make sure that it wasn’t going to break the bank and it looked like exactly what we were after, nothing too fancy but delicious and well presented. We weren’t disappointed!

A True Love of Mine: Chiswick Review

We were seated promptly at a roomy table and began with a pitcher of cocktails. I was impressed when they arrived at the table already poured into six glasses complete with fresh garnishes and there was still half a pitcher left over. This was a mix of gin, watermelon, lavender syrup, cucumber and lemon juice and was particularly refreshing during the hot summer evening we found ourselves in. The wait staff were excellent. Often a place is let down by the waiters (or often the management when they cut costs by understaffing then the poor waiters cant help you because they just don’t have the time) but the staff at Chiswick were exemplary. Our waiter was attentive and very helpful when we were trying to figure out if the share plates would feed all of us and which dishes would work best together.

The entrees were just too delicious to stop and take photos so there are no pics of them! But we had a mixture of wood fired duck breast with yellow peach and watercress, salad of iceberg lettuce with avocado, mint and parsley and the hand cut chips with black garlic aioli. All were delicious but the black garlic aioli was a real winner. Holy moly! I would buy jars and jars of that if it were for sale commercially. Lucky for this post, I had time to take some pictures of the mains while pappy carved the lamb and skinned the trout. All three were absolutely delicious and kept the six of us well fed. My favourite was definitely the lamb. It was succulent and melted off the bone. Plus theres something special knowing it came from the Moran family farm!

A True Love of Mine: Chiswick Review

Wood roasted Moran family lamb with eggplant, tomato and mint

A True Love of Mine: Chiswick Review

Wood fired rainbow trout with leeks and garden greens

A True Love of Mine: Chiswick Review

Whole roast chicken with garlic, cos lettuce and pan juices

Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the food and service. The food is nothing fancy but undeniably delicious and hearty. I think that there are some fancier dishes on the menu but I doubt whether they would beat our choices in the taste department. The restaurant itself had a lovely ambiance and we spent some time trying to name the plants in the kitchen garden behind us. The share plates look a little pricey on their own but when split between the six of us, the price including cocktails was very reasonable. We had a fabulous time and will certainly be coming back!

A True Love of Mine: Chiswick Review

Finally, I had to sneak in a little pic of the cute Kate Spade purse that I bought in Hawaii

its just the cutest!

Chiswick Restaurant

65 Ocean St, Woollhara

Phone: 02 8388 8688


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