First Anniversary Flashback: Wedding Morning Tea

I cannot believe that it has been an entire year since hubs and I tied the knot. I guess time flies when you’re having fun! Today is our first wedding anniversary (and ten year anniversary since we started dating!) and I thought that, as well as relaxing and eating our bodyweight in sweets and pasta, I would mark the date with a little flashback post. Today I want to share with you something lovely that my mother organised for the hours while we were getting ready. One of our family rituals is enjoying a good pot of tea with some delicious sweet snacks. On the day of my wedding, mum organised a beautifulĀ morning tea for me and my bridesmaids to enjoy after we had made it back from the hairdressers. It looked a little something like this,

Wedding Morning Teashe got out the (very) good china

Wedding Morning Tea

filled the table with delicious treats

Wedding Morning Teaand then we popped some champagne!
(not too much though)

Wedding Morning Tea

and my mother in law sent over some beautiful biscuits that she and her family made for the post ceremony afternoon tea. Apologies for this photo, it was the only one in this post not taken by our official photographer – Len from I Love Wednesdays. She was fabulous by the way!

Wedding Morning TeaIt was an all round beautiful way to spend the morning with my mum and bridesmaids and helped to settle my nerves. Actually, who am I kidding? No nerve settling occurred but wonderful memories were made.

I also want to share with you the beautiful flowers that hubs’ cousin put together for us, in particular, my bridal bouquet. I think I was the worst worst customer because no matter how hard I looked through magazine after magazine, pinterest board after pinterest board, I could not find any pictures of what I wanted for my flowers. The worst part was I didn’t really know what I wanted but everything I saw I knew IĀ didn’t want. But Lou sat with me until we had figured out exactly what I didn’t like and why I didn’t like it so that she could narrow down the list to things I would probably like. She even did a mock up of my bouquet and table flowers a few weeks before the wedding. I ended up with a loosely structured bouquet of soft pinks and whites with some native flowers thrown in for good measure. I particularly liked the addition of the ‘blushing bride’ flowers. Very appropriate!

Wedding Morning Tea

The little blue thing you can see peeping out of the bottom is the ‘something blue’ that my mother in law made for me. I took one of my grandfather’s ties (he was the best dressed man you would ever meet) and made it into a little fabric flower to twist into the bouquet. I always grew up thinking that he would walk me down the aisle if I ever got married and I was devastated when he died a number of years ago. It was so special to know that he was still an important part of my wedding.

Wedding Morning Tea

and I couldn’t resist including an image of pinky nestled in amongst all those beautiful flowers

Wedding Morning TeaSo another year has come and gone and, if this is the shape of things to come, I think that we will be very happy!

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