Five Points Burgers: Review

So lovelies, its International Burger Day! Of course. Because I had a super full day that went from 7am until 7pm and couldn’t get my butt to a decent burger joint, I thought i’d tell you about a delicious burger place I found during the last school holidays.


Five Points Burgers yo!

This little burger joint is in North Sydney and i’m glad I found out about it during the holidays as its only open monday to friday until 5pm. Boo! Why no burgers on the weekend Five Points? I used to work in the North and really, I think my body is breathing a huge sigh of relief that i’m not there anymore as I would almost certainly be eating these burgers for lunch most days. I hear that dinner is coming soon though, so my belly certainly looks forward to that!


Just look at this bad boy.

Hubs had ‘The Bronx’ ($12.50)

This burger was stacked high with cheese, bacon, lettuce, juicy patties, pickles and mustard. Probably a couple of other things too but who cares, surely I had you with cheese and bacon? And if not, mustard and pickles should have sealed the deal!


I was slightly more conservative and had the ‘Manhattan’ ($10)

Double cheese. Yum! Mustard, lettuce, pickles, juicy juicy beef pattie and tomato sauce. I inhaled this burger. I was so satisfied that I couldn’t even eat the fries that we bought as a side. These burgers are seriously good. I don’t think we even talked while we ate. We were just so focused on the juicy, flavoursome burgers in our hot little hands. The buns were also nice and light and squished down easily. I hate it when the buns are thick and bready because they fill you up too quickly without letting you really enjoy the filling.

For a quick burger that rivals any of the inner city stores, Five Points is the place to go. I will definitely be back to try their shakes and slaw. If they’re anything like those burgers, i’m sure they will be gone in seconds!

What delicious burgers did you have today my lovelies? Did you celebrate International Burger Day?

Five Points Burgers

124 Walker St, North Sydney
Open 11.30am-5pm Monday – Friday

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