Friday Favourites: Back to School Edition

I always feel ambivalent about the last few days of holidays. On the one hand, i’m dreading going back to work and all the last minute prep that I should have done earlier but didn’t. On the other, I know i’ll be reinvigorated by the students that I teach and seeing my creative and passionate colleagues again. But, there is one thing about the beginning of the new school year that always cheers me up (and I know, it is a little bit lame). I love organising my back to school kit. Being all prepared with my shiny new pens and notebooks makes me feel more capable of tackling the year ahead. So my Friday Favourites today focuses on a few things i’ve bought in the sales to prepare me to go back to school/work next week. Also, everything I bought I snapped up during the sales so i’m feeling pretty thrifty! In the aftermath of The Wedding, thrifty is the name of the game.

A True Love of Mine: Back to School in Pink

A few little stationary items from Kikki K

The sales at Kikki K are always pretty good and now that they’re expanded into home wares it’s taken all my strength to stick with just stationary. Of course, I bought all the pink note books as well as the cute little phone case which is super smooth and pretty. Hubs bought me the little leather pencil case for my birthday last year and, while I wont use it for work I will definitely use it for uni as I don’t want to lug my huge work pencil case full of stamps and whiteboard markers all the way to uni and back a few nights a week.

A True Love of Mine: Back to School in Pink

Lilac backpack from The Iconic ($19.99)

I’m sick of struggling to carry a tote bag of books and marking to and from work so I thought that this year i’d invest in a backpack. This one is imitation leather and was cheap as chips so if it falls apart after Term 1 I wont be too disappointed. By then I should have a pretty good idea if i’m going to go back to struggling with a handbag or if the backpack really is a good idea.

A True Love of Mine: Back to School in Pink

Aloha! sneakers from New Balance ($90) and glitter card case from Kate Spade ($48)

In the spirit of being cute and comfortable, I bought these sneakers on sale at New Balance in Pitt St Westfield. As an English teacher, sneakers aren’t really part of my dress code but these are for walking to and from the station as I will be catching the train rather than driving this year. I would like to say that i’m doing it for fitness and the environment but i’m not that altruistic. A massive building project at work means no more staff parking. Boo. At least these cute little sneakers will let me walk to the station in comfort. And the style is called Aloha! which reminds me of my honeymoon so thats another win. The glitter card case isn’t really for work but it was so cute that I figured i’d chuck it in anyway. I bought it on sale at the new Kate Spade store in Pitt St Westfield and it brings me joy every time I use it. How could it not? It’s pink glitter!

So, lovely readers, what are you loving this Friday?

By Katie

What can I say? I love sweets, in all shapes and sizes! You only live once, so why not indulge once in a while? Or, in my case, most of the time...


  1. Oh yes – I’m a stationary lover too but with Uni, everything is online so I don’t need as much as I would like to buy… Kikki K is (nearly) every girls weakness. Shivers, I didn’t know they had homeware.

    I’m having a lazy Friday and I hope you are too!

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