Friday Favourites: Thrifty Furnishings

So my lovely readers, you know the part where I got married last year? That thing that is incredible but also super expensive? Then I moved out of Casa KB that I shared with my lovely friend B and into the new Casa Salerno with hubs. The moving part was also kinda expensive. And then we realised that other than a bed and a fully stocked kitchen… we really had no furniture. And our apartment has almost no built in storage. Oops… all that meant a diminishing bank balance and spending lots of…


So we were trying super hard to furnish our place to make it comfortable and cosy for as little as possible. I’ll share some other decorating decisions with you all later but today I want to show off our sweet pantry that hubs scored from Gumtree for $80!

A True Love of Mine: Thrifty Furnishing - Meat Safe Pantry


It’s an old meat safe that people used to use before refrigeration to stop flies and bugs crawling all over their meat. That grosses me out a little bit but you have to admit, the mesh looks sweet! It fit perfectly against the wall that houses our fridge and wine rack (which of course shows that it was definitely meant to be).

A True Love of Mine: Thrifty Furnishing - Meat Safe Pantry

It’s a little difficult to get into the spaces behind the mesh on either side of each door but I bought a bunch of little plastic trays from Kmart for only a few dollars each so that I can store spices and pasta etc in them and just take the whole box out and store it back in easily. Basically, i’m willing to make it all work for this quirky pantry. Our whole apartment is a bit mix and match and I freaking love it!

So my lovelies, what are you loving this Friday? Do you have any inexpensive decorating tips to help me out?

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