Southern Highlands Love: Gumnut Patisserie Brioche Hot Cross Buns

A True Love of Mine: Gumnut Patisserie Brioche Hot Cross Buns

I know that looking at this picture it must be difficult to believe that I don’t really like hot cross buns. I think its the orange peel that is sneakily included in the super fruity ones that puts me off. I think that they should come with a warning label if they’re going to have peel in them. I always have the intention of baking my own custom buns with choc chips and cinnamon instead of currants and peel but somehow I never get around to it. Perhaps because Easter comes at the end of Term 1 which always stretches out interminably and leaves me utterly exhausted at the end. Far too exhausted for adventurous baking.

A few weeks ago, hubs and I went on a little picnic jaunt to the Southern Highlands which is one of my favourite places in the world. My grandpa used to live down on the South Coast and I have so many fond memories of driving through the Southern Highlands with my mum on our way to visit him. Hubs and I have also developed a bit of a tradition of going down to take a weekend break and driving we through Berrima, Sutton Forest, Bowral and we even considered getting married there. So, even though we had brought a picnic, I found myself in the Gumnut Patisserie in Berrima, salivating before this pack of hot cross buns.

A True Love of Mine: Gumnut Patisserie Brioche Hot Cross Buns

I may be no fan of fruit but say ‘brioche’ and i’m yours.

Just look how tall and fluffy this bun is! And also please note that there are only a few currants to be seen.

The Gumnut Patisserie has its home in Bowral but an offshoot in Berrima just at the end of the town. They are multi Easter Show award winners and range from delicious breads to delicate pastries and desserts. Their almond croissants are formidable and unforgettable! I knew that if there was going to be a hot cross bun that would change my mind after all these years, it would be one from there.

A True Love of Mine: Gumnut Patisserie Brioche Hot Cross Buns

and of course I wasn’t disappointed

Hubs and I scoffed a couple each on the drive back to Sydney and I’m not at all ashamed to say that I toasted and ate the rest the next day. If you’re judging me right now, I have two words for you –



Thats right, the crosses on top (normally a tasteless mix of flour and milk) were custard. Genius! Well played Gumnut, well played. So, this Easter I am celebrating with delicious brioche hot cross buns with custard crosses and thinking that the world is a pretty good place. At least my little corner of it is.

Happy Easter lovelies!



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