What Katie Ate in Berlin – Dinner at Josty

I hate to brag but I really feel as if we won in every aspect of our trip. It was a huge rush to get everything ready before we flew out on the last night of Term 3 but it meant that we slept properly on the flight and seemed to escape the worst of jetlag when we touched down in Berlin. Just to make sure that we were going to sleep properly that night, we decided to go for a walk around the city centre then have a light dinner.

IMG_9807Firstly we took a walk up to the Unter Den Linden to say hello to my good friend Goethe

Then, because I was actually fading pretty fast, we went to the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz which was quite close to our hotel to have a look around and find somewhere to have dinner. The place was jumping with people because the new Terminator movie was opening in a couple of days and there was a huge set being built for the premiere.


This was a the view from our dinner table.
I did wonder if I would look up from my dessert and see someone materialise, something like this…


but alas, I had to be satisfied with only the food materialising in front of me.


IMG_9798We nabbed a table at Josty which appears in all the guide books and seemed to be doing a roaring trade. It isn’t gourmet but they serve all the stereotypical German food that you want to try in situ and the staff are friendly and accommodating. I particularly liked that they had blankets for all their customers (which unfortunately was necessary despite it being the middle of Summer. Far out Berlin, get your act together!) While it isn’t the original Cafe Josty which was located slightly further away, there is quite a lovely literary and artistic tradition around the restaurant and I may have slipped into a daydream where I was listening to the Grimm brothers discussing their new fairytales. Alas!


Pretzel and Summer Berry Punch

Of course we had to begin with a pretzel slathered with butter! I made hubs join me with a house special punch which was pretty lethal. It may have just been the jetlag but I was definitely feeling pretty good after only one little glass of this stuff!


Pork with Bread Dumpling, Sauerkraut  and Mustard Sauce

IMG_9804Weiner with Sauerkraut and Mash

Of course we had the weiner and pork and sauerkraut and all good German things! The meals were both tasty and arrived promptly. Sauerkraut is definitely better in Germany than here in Australia and the mash was nice and creamy. Our waiter was super friendly and talked me into also ordering this…

IMG_9805Apple Strudel with Vanilla Creme Anglaise

Of course I had to have strudel for dessert even though I was absolutely stuffed! I ordered it after speaking to the very persuasive waiter and with the assurance that hubs would help me eat it. Of course that was a lie as I definitely ate it all myself. Does anyone else do that? Order a dessert to share with absolutely no intention of sharing it? Or is that just me… regardless, the strudel was pleasant with lot of stewed cinnamon-y apples and creamy vanilla custard to set it off. I was really surprised at how flaky the pastry was. I know that strudel is supposed to have super thin pastry almost like puff pastry but I think that in Australia we tend to make it much more doughy. When the school holidays finally roll around I will be having a crack at the more traditional strudel as, really, how can that do anything other than help to make the world a better place?

Overall, Josty was a pleasant place for our first meal in Berlin. If you are expecting fine dining then you will be disappointed. But, if you are looking for a cheerful restaurant for some typical German food, you should have a good time!

Cafe Josty
Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
Open daily from 8am

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