What’s all the fuss about Red Velvet?

I’ve never been a particularly adventurous person when it comes to eating. I like my tinned spaghetti, my Cadbury’s chocolate, my weetbix. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat fancy food as well, I just don’t seem to get around to it all that often. Recently however, a switch has been flipped. I’ve found myself thinking “what’s all the fuss about xyz food?” And the food that has been pre occupying my mind was been Red Velvet Cake. When I saw this Red Velvet Recipe on the amazing Bakerella’s website I thought that this must be the time to take the plunge.


Did it live up to the hype?

well… it was interesting to see the mix turn from a weird milky brown to blood red

ok so you cant really see that it’s blood red here. But you can see that I made a layer cake. Again. They’re so much fun, can you blame me? And see that filling? Its cream cheese frosting. Yummo!

And did I decorate that baby? You becha! I used these cute little hearts from Roberts Confectionery that I got at Peters of Kensington

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. Stupid!

How good does layer cake look when you carve it up? All that cream cheese frosting…

The Verdict: well it was light and moist and my goodness, the frosting was amazing. I could eat whole bowls of that. The cake however, was not that amazing. It was nice… but I feel like its a bit of a mutant flavour. Not quite vanilla, not quite chocolate, not quite a discernible flavour of its own. Guess what cake? I want you to taste distinct! And you did not 🙁

So, my lovelies, what did I do wrong? Am I just not that enamored with Red Velvet or is there a better recipe I should be using? Advice please!! And are there any flavours that you have tried lately that you just weren’t that fussed about?