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Birthdays are pretty cool. They would definitely make my list of favourite things. Unfortunately my birthday falls smack bang in the middle of exams. Now it shouldn’t really affect me anymore seeing as i’ve finished high school, i’ve finished university and im crossing my fingers that i’ll never have to sit another exam (except for my driving test!). Except in teaching, the horror of exams is perpetual. Far worse than spending two hours sitting an exam is spending entire stretches of weekends marking the damn things!

There seems to be no conception of how long it actually takes to mark exams but just to give you an idea, im a slow marker. I can mark maybe six papers in an hour? (including commenting, annotating etc) Multiply that by 120 papers and you get… well… a whole lot of hours sitting on my butt marking. I needed to pick some things from my favourite things list to soften the blow.

So alongside my exams (that stack isnt even all of them!) I packed the lastest Gourmet Traveller and a double box of Guylian Seashells which are my favourite chocolates.

Having emerged victorious (and only slightly paper cut) from my marking battle, I needed to put my feet up for some R&R. In order to do so I hit up my favourite things list again. If you have had a conversation with me in the last few months, I can guarantee that there are two words that I will have found a way to work into the conversation. Cake Boss.

Mover over Statue of Liberty. Carlo’s Bakery is my new #1 New York destination!

If you haven’t been able to see this gem of a show then you are missing out! Cake Boss Buddy Valestro runs a tight ship and he and his workers rise to the occasion no matter what the challenge. And boy, are there some challenges! I mean, how on earth do you make one cohesive wedding cake for fourteen couples who all want different flavours and fillings? Buddy knows! As well as producing some amazing cakes, the chemistry and camaraderie between the staff makes for fantastic viewing. This dvd may not leave my machine for a very long time…

All things come in threes. So naturally I need to tell you another of my favourite things to complete today’s list. Little did I know my wonderful boyfriend would surprise me with a new banner for this little blog of mine! Hooray!! Now it is even more colourful and cute! (And that is me in cartoon form in the top left corner). So my lovelies, what are some of your favourite things? Baking or non baking related!

By Katie

What can I say? I love sweets, in all shapes and sizes! You only live once, so why not indulge once in a while? Or, in my case, most of the time...

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