Friday Favourites: The Milo Thickshake That Will Change Your Life

You know that feeling where you’re so tired you actually feel a little bit drunk? Thats how hubs and I were feeling a month and a half ago when we first moved into our new place. This was our first big move together and the first time that I truly regretted being such a damn hoarder. I had no idea that I had accumulated so much in the two years since my last move.


You know you’re obsessed with food when the first boxes that you move are filled with baking equipment…

So after a full day of packing then carting boxes and furniture, we were absolutely knackered and in need of sustenance. There was no way I was going to cook anything (and in any case, the previous tenants left the kitchen in a very dirty state) so we knew we needed to either eat out or order in. As we didn’t really have any crockery unpacked and our apartment doesn’t have a doorbell so we wouldn’t know when our food arrived, we figured that home delivery would be just too hard for our tired minds to deal with. So we did what we always do when in a bind. Go for cheeseburgers.



We hit up Ribs n Burgers at Central Park because it wasn’t too far away and we had had some pretty tasty burgers there in the past. Hubs had some other delicious burger with ribs and salad and we shared a basket of fries between us. Despite the bun looking dense and, well, huge, it squished down nicely and wasn’t too filling. The patty was juicy and the cheese – cheesy? How do you actually describe cheese? The salty, greasy, bready goodness was exactly what we needed after our exhausting day.


But what really saved my butt was this.

Milo thickshake.

I know it doesn’t look fancy but this thickshake is the best thickshake I have had perhaps ever. This might be the year of big calls after my dessert of the year at Ormeggio but really, I am not exaggerating. This thickshake was full of that malty chocolatey milo taste and even hubs (with his lactose intolerance) couldn’t get enough of it! It was sweet and thick but not so thick that you feel as though you’re about to swallow your tongue. In short, it far out made my day. For $7 it was a little steep but absolutely worth it!

So, thats my favourite for this week my lovelies. What are you loving this week?

By Katie

What can I say? I love sweets, in all shapes and sizes! You only live once, so why not indulge once in a while? Or, in my case, most of the time...

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