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Lets get down to business. On this blog we are much more interested in the food adventures that I had in Berlin than my lame photographs of the architecture. But, I had never been to Berlin before and so my food adventures were less… adventurous as I had a list of all the stereotypical German food items that I needed to try in situ. After my success with the mackerel I tended to just go down the list of German food with some delicious and questionable choices.

IMG_9881One huge regret I have though is that I never had one of the crazy over the top sundaes that seemed to be served everywhere in Berlin. Because it wasn’t super hot and I was so full of other delicious things I just never had the dessert stomach room for one of these bad boys.

IMG_9925But I did eat a pretzel as big as my head.

Just kidding.

It was definitely bigger than my tiny head.

IMG_9903Then I ate my way through a selection of Kinder chocolates that we don’t really get in Australia. This one is the Kinder Hippo that is a creamy white and milk chocolate centre surrounded by wafer and chocolate and chopped nuts. I ate the whole packet and i’m not even sorry.


This was a strange but delicious incarnation of the Kinder Surprise. It was basically the soft innards of the kinder mixed with cereal. It was every damn where so people must like it. I did! Why did I not bring more of these home with me? Because, my lovely readers, i’m an idiot.


Taking a step away from the sweets for a minute, i’d like to introduce you to currywurst.
Berliners seemed to be obsessed with this stuff. Basically it’s slices of sausage covered in tomato sauce then dusted with curry powder. I find this disgusting but hubs loved it and had it a few times. If you’re interested in tasting this ubiquitous treat, you can find it pretty much on any street corner. There are two types, the first is the one you see above with the curry powder sprinkled on top and the second is with the curry powder mixed into the sauce. Either way, you’re getting the curry ketchup flavour. Good luck. I did not like this one. Sorry Berlin.

IMG_9898This was another weirdo thing that Berliners seemed to like. To me, it looks like vomit sausages. On closer inspection, they are plastic sausages filled with soup and creamy vegetables and mashed potato. Can any Germans tell me why they’re packaged like this? I have no idea how you would open these without the filling going EVERYWHERE. This makes me question the reputation of German engineering.


And then my faith in Germany was restored. When I came across this full sized fridge of sliced cheeses and wedges of cheese, I felt simultaneously elated and frustrated. How is it that we don’t have this in Australia? Germany, you got your priorities sorted.

IMG_9919Just when I thought I had Berlin sorted out…. there was this icecream.
How is this called ‘Bum Bum’?
What kind of icecream could this possibly be? Can anyone shed light on this?

So, Germany, you baffled and amused me. Well played.

Stay tuned for more What Katie Ate

Next stop: Milan

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