The post about how I got to the church on time…

For my sisters wedding!

Which I will tell you about as soon as i’ve apologised for my extreme lack of blogging. Again, i’ve been noticeably absent from the interwebs for several months. Unlike the last few times, I had some very legitimate reasons!

Reason #1. was the craziness of extra work on top of my normal load so I was working a normal day then going to do a second lot until 9pm four days then all day saturday. This resulted in be being utterly exhausted to the point of zombification and unable to cook, blog or do anything that constitutes normal living.

Reason #2 was the impending wedding of my beautiful big sister.

I won’t be posting lots of photos of the wedding as they involve many people who don’t want them shared, but I will show you some pics of the wedding day breakfast that I organised for my sister. Partly because everyone likes nice food and champagne, and partly because it would look good in the professional photos! I’m also going to whack a few pics of me in there because i’m a big narcissist and this is my blog. Hah!

so here is the breakfast table

we had some pink bubbly, and left the Veuve for after the wedding. No one likes a tipsy bridal party!

Can you see the cute little Laduree sugared almonds?

so after the wedding we broke out the tea.

Then the champagne!

And the cupcakes and macarons and Haighs chocolates. Nom nom!!

But lets rewind to earlier in the day. A great deal earlier….

it was a VERY early start

but it was very much worth it as the wonderful hairdressers and makeup artist transformed this

to this!

Here we both are, all prettied up

Sorry for the dark pictures. These clearly aren’t the professional pictures!

Let me leave you with one last picture though that was taken by me, of my beautiful sister in the car about to leave for the church.

And yes, she was very much on time!

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