Friday Favourites: Galentines Day

Wait. Did I hear you say ‘what’s Galentine’s Day?’



So now that we are all clear with what Galentine’s Day is, you can begin planning your Galentine’s Day celebration for next year. Because, having attended my first ever Galentine’s celebration, I am now convinced that this is perhaps the most awesome holiday of the year. This year, my friend Sonibon generously hosted our inaugural celebration with a delicious picnic at the park.

A True Love of Mine: Galentines Day

Can we take a minute to talk about the cute collection of sheets and that bunting?
And that bunting!! Collected in New York I believe, and thoughtfully saved for the perfect occasion.

A True Love of Mine: Galentines Day

And what is a picnic with gal pals without some pink champagne?

Everyone bought a plate and we lazed in the shade of the trees, chatting about topics big and small and generally enjoying the company of our lady friends. In the true spirit of the day and channelling the spirit of Leslie Knope, speeches were made and the value of friendship was recognised and celebrated.

A True Love of Mine: Galentines Day

Our beautiful host even arranged special Galentine’s Day presents of cupcakes, flowers and thoughtfully written card. How special is this???

Sometimes it’s necessary to sit back and relax with some good friends. I feel so grateful to be in the company of such strong, passionate and kind hearted women. Its always necessary to recognise the friendships that make us better people and inspire us to continue to give back to the world. Rather than getting caught up in the commercial hype and inevitable stress and sometimes disappointment that comes with Valentines, it was so nice to celebrate something constructive. So, next February I will spend a day reconnecting with my favourite girl friends and remember the immortal words of the day’s founder…

A True Love of Mine: Galentines Day

In case you couldn’t read it, here is the lady herself with the mantra:


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