Friday Favourites: The Wedding

As part of my new found commitment to blogging in 2015, I thought I would try to do a regular weekly post that called me out if I reverted to my slack ways and missed it. So today i’m bringing you the inaugural ‘Friday Favourites’ post where I have a chat about something i’m loving each week. This first one is a little bit exciting and close to my heart so I hope you enjoy it!  P.S. all the photos on this post were taken by the wonderful Len from I Love Wednesdays. If you need a photographer, she is definitely the one to go with!



A True Love of Mine: The Wedding

I remember meeting up with a friend after going on one of my first dates with my (now) hubs and saying to them “i’m going to marry that man”. I remember my friend looked incredulous and replied “now???” Well, maybe almost ten years later. I knew very early on in our relationship that this was the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He was unlike any other man in my life. He was gentle and thoughtful, fun to talk with and our conversations were often characterised by long discussions about the merits of different methods of bacon preparation. We often spoke long into the night about our dream house with a full time bacon chef and enough garages to house all the vintage cars he wanted to own. Fast forward nine years and, while there was not a ten car garage or bacon chef in sight, all was well with the world when he proposed at sunrise on a quiet little beach that had a special significance to us both.

A True Love of Mine: The Wedding

So then there was wedding planning to be done. While I am definitely a girly girl, I have never been the type of person who dreams of her wedding and plans it out to the last detail. My utter messiness and disorganisation has been widely documented so planning was difficult. I had to keep telling myself that at the end of this whole thing we would be married which was the loveliest thing of all. Thank god for some close friends and family who were able to guide me through the nebulous choices of colours, flowers, menus, decorations, blah blah blah.

A True Love of Mine: The Wedding

But, at the end of it all, we were married and it was incredible.

A True Love of Mine: The Wedding

The day was beautiful, friends and family were smiling and laughing, and everything ran smoothly

A True Love of Mine: The Wedding

everything was perfect because I married this man

the love of my life

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  1. Ohhhhhhh Katie – These photographs are absolutely stunning.

    Also, I LOVE the bridesmaids dresses… The colour is wonderful, exactly the colour I expected you to have!

  2. 😀 thank you so much Laura! Each time I sat down to write a post that wasn’t wedding related I kept hearing you in my head telling me more photos more photos!

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