March of the (fondant) Penguins

I love my friends. So for Helen the Melons birthday I figured I would continue on the theme of edible presents to show her just how much I love her! Cupcakes were a given, but what to put on top? It had to be different to what I had done previously. No more jungle animals, no more presents… but what?

Here’s a clue… its been pretty cold lately…

Ok so thats not much of a clue.

How about this? Yes, there are some pretty heart decorated ones on top. But that was not the main attraction. Do you like my cupcake carrier? It has two levels! Yay! Hooray for unsquished cupcakes!

Back to the guessing game. Give up?


Now am I saying that Helen the Melon looks like a penguin? Nuh uh. Does she walk like a penguin? Nope. Does she talk like a penguin? Certainly not! But she is very cute and cuddly like these little guys 😀

So I made her an army of cuddly (and tasty) penguin minions!

Could you eat these little guys?

The cupcakes were the Hummingbird Bakery Vanilla Cupcake recipe which is always a winner with vanilla buttercream. I used the Orchard brand ready to roll white fondant and Wilton black, red and yellow colouring gels to make the penguins.

So my lovelies, what kind of animal would you like to adorn your birthday cupcakes? I need some more inspiration now!