I want to marry this cake… Bourke St Bakery’s Flourless Chocolate Cake

So im a Dessert Whore. I proclaim my love for one dish before quickly moving on to professing my undying love for another. Does this make me insincere? NO! Rather, I like to think of myself as a Mormon husband in the world of baked goods, collecting my many wives as I go but never neglecting to care for the wives I have already accrued. Who says I can’t have my cakes and eat them?

I was on the hunt for something truly spectacular. After all, the Mothership was turning the big 6 0 and that only happens once. It was my chance to show her how grateful I am for her putting up with me and my messiness for the past twenty something years. Now, you may not know this, but the Mothership does not run on fuel, she does not have a flux capacitor, she isnt solar powered. No, the Mothership runs on chocolate. A truly ingenious invention! Therefore, the birthday cake I was to make had to be something chocolaty in the extreme.

Does this look chocolaty enough? No? Appearances can be deceiving…