Edible Christmas Gifts #2: Honey Wholegrain Mustard

Is there someone you know who is particularly difficult to buy gifts for? Don’t want to brave the crowds on christmas eve? Make some mustard! Ok… so I may have had one too many Christmas wines which may have impaired my ability to construct logical sentences. But the result is satisfying nonetheless! Who wouldn’t love a little jar of home made Honey Wholegrain Mustard as a Christmas present? Even if they don’t like mustard you will get brownie points for presenting something that looks time consuming and devilishly tricky. (But really isnt!)

Until I saw the recipe for this in Gifts From the Kitchen by Annie Rigg I must confess that I didn’t even realise it was possible to make your own mustard. I just assumed it appeared mysteriously on supermarket shelves and in my roast beef sandwiches. Imagine my amazement!