Oh My! DIY: Potted Succulents


Hubs has a habit of buying quirky and awesome things.

Last year, he bought me this cute retro bud vase for my birthday. I love this lady, just chilling on

the super cool, shiny conch shell. She’s a little bit flinstones, a little bit Gidget and a lot of awesome.

For ages I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Then we hit on the idea of potting a succulent into it.

IMG_6883Soooo here we are! The plant as a whole was too big for the vase

so I just teased out the roots and divided the plant

and voila!

IMG_6885Lady lazing by succulent.

Sounds like the name of a classical painting doesn’t it?



Here she is, peeking around the plant.

I think its pretty nifty!

Now i’m sure i’m supposed to do something like drill a drainage hole

or pot the plant using proper potting mix rather than the soil that came with the plant but…

i’m lazy.

And this looks pretty spiffy.

I’m pretty sure you could do it too!

Have any of you lovelies done any diy-ing recently? I’d love to hear about it!