Belated Friday Favourites – Quirky Pins

So I know its not actually Friday but I have a super good reason for not being able to post anything yesterday. I was away on camp this week and spent all last night in a dark room trying not to move on account of my all over muscle ache and roaring headache. Staring at a bright, back lit screen was the last thing my body was able to do. Clearly i’m getting too old for this! (quickly though, I freaking love Year 7 camp. The kids are so eager and friendly and we do some sweet activities – surfing anyone?)

Today is a quick favourites post to get me back in the loop. Also I have a sweet cupcake recipe coming up next week so if you’ve been hanging out for a new recipe, you’re in luck! But today its all about accessorising in my favourite way – quirky pins.

A True Love of Mine: Fashion - Quirky Pins

I love wearing pins like this sweet little jewelled bumble bee on the collar of my shirt or the lapel of my blazer. I think it gives my outfit a little quirky kick and makes it interesting for any students i’m boring as I chalk and talk in the classroom. I imagine a little brain here and there dozing off into day dream going something like this – blah blah blah Shakespeare blah blah beware my lord of jealousy blah blah wait. Bumblebee?? Then clearly they will be so intrigued they’ll be listening to what i’m saying. Right? Right? Maybe.

A True Love of Mine: Fashion - Quirky Pins

At the very least, it can be a subversive way of working around a restrictive dress code. Although, I must say that while the pin above is a favourite of mine, I don’t think i’d get away wearing this one at work! I’ve built up a whole trove of these babies over the years and now im making it my business to bust them out left right and centre. After all, whats the point of having nice things if you don’t use them? A resolution of mine this year is to stop letting things like these collect dust but use them as much as I can.

So how do you lovelies like to accessorise? Or what would you do if you could be bothered? Lets face it, sometimes just rolling out of bed and putting anything on is such a challenge on a Monday morning…

Friday Favourites: Back to School Edition

I always feel ambivalent about the last few days of holidays. On the one hand, i’m dreading going back to work and all the last minute prep that I should have done earlier but didn’t. On the other, I know i’ll be reinvigorated by the students that I teach and seeing my creative and passionate colleagues again. But, there is one thing about the beginning of the new school year that always cheers me up (and I know, it is a little bit lame). I love organising my back to school kit. Being all prepared with my shiny new pens and notebooks makes me feel more capable of tackling the year ahead. So my Friday Favourites today focuses on a few things i’ve bought in the sales to prepare me to go back to school/work next week. Also, everything I bought I snapped up during the sales so i’m feeling pretty thrifty! In the aftermath of The Wedding, thrifty is the name of the game.

A True Love of Mine: Back to School in Pink

A few little stationary items from Kikki K

The sales at Kikki K are always pretty good and now that they’re expanded into home wares it’s taken all my strength to stick with just stationary. Of course, I bought all the pink note books as well as the cute little phone case which is super smooth and pretty. Hubs bought me the little leather pencil case for my birthday last year and, while I wont use it for work I will definitely use it for uni as I don’t want to lug my huge work pencil case full of stamps and whiteboard markers all the way to uni and back a few nights a week.